What screening exercises would you get a client to perform prior to starting a package? 
A 28 year old, 5"5 female, who works an office job wants to lose weight. She currently weighs 87kg, and is looking to reach the target weight of 65kg. How would you programme her training and nutrition plan?
A client with no previous injury to the spine is complaining about lower back pain. They have been driving for 6 hours prior to the session, what could you do to help alleviate the pain?
A client's knees move inwards when squatting, what muscles need strengthening and stretching?
A client's heels come off the ground when squatting, what muscles need stretching? What short term interversions could you use to get the client squatting safely?
Do you recommend dietary supplements to enhance your clients’ performance? Which ones, and why?
Do you recommend your clients’ track their calorie consumption? Explain your reason why.
Name three essential exercises you suggest for all able-bodied clients, and why?
How do you keep your fitness training knowledge up to date?
A client is not getting any results, you know the problem is with the client's level of motivation, how do you address this?
Tell me about a time when a client was unhappy with your work. How did you handle the situation?
Why do you want to work with PT2Home?
What sets you apart from other trainers?
We require 4 pieces of content from our trainer's for our social media accounts each month. Please give some examples of what you'd be interested in providing?
If a person enquired for personal training via email at 4pm, how long would you consider to be a reasonable amount of time to leave the enquiry waiting before contacting them?
Do you have any questions for us?