PT2Home offers at home personal training and outdoor personal training across the UK. Making one to one and group personal training sessions accessible for everybody. We have both male and female personal trainers on hand to help you reach your goals.

Our personal trainers bring their equipment and expertise directly to you, so you are able to easily fit exercise in around your work, study, commuting and family commitments - making weight loss, toning up and improving your fitness as convenient and hassle free as possible.


At PT2Home, we like to do things differently. Getting our clients to perform generic body weight circuits for the whole session isn’t our style. Instead, by getting to know you and your goals specifically, we offer personalised workout programmes and nutritional guidance. Sustainability is key for us. We want to ensure your transformation isn’t just for the holiday you have coming up, but it’s something you can continue long term. And just like you, we like having a takeaway or glass of wine, and doing things outside of training. We believe you shouldn’t compromise on the things you enjoy, which is why we take a flexible approach to fitness and diet.