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Lose weight at home without fitness equipment

At its core, weight loss comes down to one fundamental thing:

Consuming fewer calories than we burn. In doing so, we force the body to tap into its stored energy (most notably the fat tissue) and get the remaining calories it needs to function well.

Under normal circumstances, a healthy diet and a solid exercise plan are more than enough for us. But, losing weight at home is a bit more challenging to pull off. To help you be successful, we’ve put together a list of four actionable tactics you should employ.

1. Make It Incredibly Easy to Exercise At Home

Most people fail to exercise at home because they place too many obstacles between themselves and the start of each workout.

To ensure that you exercise regularly, make the act of starting as seamless as possible. For example, clear some space in your room and layout your exercise equipment there. That way, you make it easy to start because you don’t have to do much, and you have a visual reminder as you walk into your room.

To make yourself more likely to start, begin with simpler and less demanding workouts. For example, start with fifteen minutes of light exercise per day. 

As you gain momentum, you can gradually make your workouts longer and more challenging.

2. Fill Your Kitchen With Whole and Nutritious Foods

Many people rely on sheer willpower to eat healthily and resist temptation. But, the truth is, the real battle is fought at the grocery store. The moment you buy your guilty pleasures is the moment you’ve lost the fight.

No matter how hard you try to resist afterward, you will eventually succumb to the delicious and unhealthy foods.

Instead, fill your kitchen with whole and nutritious foods and get rid of the highly-processed junk. In doing so, you make eating healthily much easier and the act of eating poorly much more difficult.

3. Hire An At-Home Personal Trainer

While often overlooked, services like personal training at home are precious. 

Having a personal trainer that comes to you is incredibly beneficial because it’s convenient and efficient. More importantly, you don’t have to deal with gym distractions, and your trainer gets to focus on you a lot more.

This can help them understand your frustrations and issues on a deeper level and help you devise a useful program for more effective weight loss.

4. Drink Water Before And During Meals

This is an underrated tactic, but one that does wonders. You see, the primary signal for satiety in the body comes from the overall consumption of calories. But, another factor related to satiety is how full the stomach is. In other words, you might not consume many calories, but if your stomach is full, you will feel satiated.

Drinking some water before having a meal and then having a glass as you eat is a fantastic way to fill yourself up with a smaller and less calorie-dense meal. That way, you can more easily stick with a calorie-restricted diet and lose weight without feeling as hungry or food-obsessed.