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how to lose weight and keep it off

Do you know about 90% of people who lose a considerable amount of weight regain it within the next few months? [1]

Losing weight and then maintaining it for a lifetime are both great struggles. However, there are certain tips and ways that can help. Successful strategies include bringing a few changes to the lifestyle and eating habits gradually. These strategies not only help with weight loss but also help you improve overall physical and mental health.

Let’s find out the best ways to lose weight and keep it off!

Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It off

Make exercise a part of your routine

To lose weight, you need to start by practicing simple exercises. Move around more often. Then choose a form of exercise that you enjoy. It could be jogging, swimming, bicycling, dancing, or playing any game like tennis or basketball.

Start slow and do exercise for at least 20 minutes initially. Increase the time duration gradually. You can also move from one exercise to the other when you think you are getting bored of it.

Replace high-calorie drinks with healthy liquids

Sweetened drinks like soda, energy drinks, flavored juices are all high in liquid calories. People while consuming these drinks don’t even realize how many calories they are taking in. These calories also do not make you feel full, so you may end up consuming them more.

So, next time you want a drink with your meal, add lemon to the water and enjoy this healthy drink as you like.

Eat more vegetables

Vegetables, especially greens, are considered high in fiber and low in calories. They keep you full longer and help you decrease your calorie intake. Many studies prove that increasing the intake of vegetables helps in losing weight significantly. [2]

You do not have to slash meat and dairy products from your diet. Instead, enjoy their flavors by eating them with veggies. A balanced intake of proteins and other nutrients will show better results soon. It will also help with maintaining weight loss.

Practice mindful eating habits

Mindful eating is when you pay full attention to the food you are eating. Your senses of taste, smell, touch, and feel are all dedicated to the food while eating it. It makes you conscious of what and how much you are eating. People also tend to eat less when they are not distracted by their surrounding while eating. So, set your phone aside and turn the TV off when you have your next meal.

Set realistic goals

People often create unrealistic goals when trying to lose weight. And when these goals are not achieved (which mostly happens), they easily lose motivation.

So, start with small goals. Do not plan about losing tens of pounds in a month. Set a monthly goal and monitor your performance at the end of the month. Give yourself some time. Remember that most people take about six months to see a prominent result.


Choose one way out of the methods mentioned above at a time. Practice it consistently and when you believe you have become consistent, add another method to it.



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