newcastle personal trainer
The results still shock me every time I look in the mirror. I can't thank the PT2Home team enough!
James, M
Leeds personal trainer
I knew I was losing weight but didn't realise how much my figure had changed until I finally got around to taking an updated progress picture!
Tasnim, A
testimonial 1

As I didn't have the confidence to go to a gym,(I was very overweight and worried about judgement) I found PT2Home on Google. I knew I had the motivation but I lacked the knowledge on how to train correctly or where to start with my diet. My PT2Home trainer Tom, was Fantastic. He reassured me and helped me set achievable goals(there were times I doubted it), not only did Tom help me with training and dietary information, he was always on hand to help with any questions or issues I've had. He has been there every step of the way during my journey which I continue a whole 5 stone lighter (4 months in). Tom has also given me the knowledge I previously lacked. I now have much more energy and more importantly much more confidence. I can't begin to thank PT2Home or Tom enough!

Matt, W.
testimonial 2

I heard about Pt2Home through a friend who had trained with Tom at the beginning and had achieved some great results so got in contact with them myself. From our first session Tom made sure to find out what my personal goals were, along with strengths and weaknesses, then tailored my plan to these. Having never done any form of weight training, and always having been apprehensive about where to begin, he taught me the fundamentals of key moves ensuring that my form was correct before increasing any weight or resistance. Our sessions have always been really varied and having the ability to train with Tom at home or outside has been really great as I have a hectic schedule. His encouragement has hugely helped me grow in confidence and push myself further to achieve my goals!

Charlotte Martin
Home personal training

I was 150 KG when I first started training. Even though I wanted to lose weight, I couldn't. I just had no motivation and I had no idea what to do. Thanks to my trainers support and encouragement, exercise became part of my daily routine. Thanks to my personal training sessions and expert nutritional advice provided, I am now 110kg!

Ali, U.
testimoni 3

Thanks to my trainer Tom's advice, knowledge and drive, I have received results I've dreamed of whilst being able to do exercises I have never been able to do before.

Gary, M.
Sheffield personal trainer

Would highly recommend to anyone.

Hannah, A.

I had never been able to stick to a routine and I wasn't really making progress. 3 months later, my strength, fitness and most importantly my confidence has increased. If you have a goal in mind but you're unsure how to achieve it then PT2Home is perfect for you?

Kelvin, S.

Tom is an excellent personal trainer that is passionate about what he does. I have never done any form of weight training so I was a bit nervous but he put me at ease straight away. He asked me what I wanted to achieve and made sure I was doing the technique correctly to prevent injury. I found Tom very motivating and he made me push myself. I really enjoyed the sessions and it's made me grow in confidence to do more weight training to help achieve my goals.

Megan, D.